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5 Tips For Determining If Baby Clothing Is Really Organic

So you've made the first step and determined that you want to buy organic clothing for your baby. Whether you made this decision based on the environmental impacts of conventional cotton or if your baby has sensitive skin, buying organic clothing has many benefits. When you begin shopping for organic clothing, the options can be confusing. How do you know if the clothes are organic? If they have organic on the label are they really organic?

Today we are sharing our top 5 tips on how to tell if clothes are authentically organic. We hope these tips bring you peace of mind while shopping. 


1.) "Green" and "Sustainable" Doesn't Mean Organic 


As shopping sustainably becomes more popular, many brands are trying to buy into the trend and appeal to their customers. You may have noticed fast fashion giants like H&M and Zara release collections marketed as green and sustainable. It's important to consider whether or not greenwashing has occurred by this brand. Although taking strides to create garments more sustainably is positive, words like "green" and "sustainable" commonly used to market these garments can be misleading. A brand can seem eco-friendly on the outside but it's important to do your research beyond the products marketed to see what is in it. 

It is important to remember that GOTS-certified organic clothing is a separate entity and because the entire manufacturing process needs to be audited, customers can be sure that they are buying a true, authentic organic product from beginning to end. 


2.) Is The Entire Product Organic? 


It is common for baby clothes to be advertised that they were made with organic cotton. However, unless the product has a GOTS certification, there is no guarantee that the product is really organic. 

GOTS ensures that the seeds are free of GMOs, no harmful dyes are used in the production process, and workers are paid a living wage. Although some companies may have used organic cotton, unless it has a GOTS label, it cannot be proved. 

3.) Is It A Trusted Brand? 



Is the company you come across a trusted brand? Do some research on the brand through social media, their website, and even friends and family. Be sure to read the reviews people write about the products, it should give you a better idea of whether or not it's a company you want to support. 

4.) Price Point 


When shopping for organic clothes, it's important to note that the price point is generally higher than conventional cotton. This higher price point is influenced by a variety of things like higher harvesting costs, manufacturing costs, a smaller demand and market for organic cotton, and certification costs. 

If you notice that the baby clothes have a price point that seems "too good to be true", it probably is. The pricing of certified organic products reflects the rigorous standards of the production and manufacturing processes. If you find organic clothes for a really low price, it’s important to research the brand, if the products are certified, and read reviews.

5.) Authenticity 



The only way to know that what you are buying is fully organic is the GOTS Certification. The GOTS label ensures that the clothing can be trusted and that there is no use of harmful additives in the fabrics. You can also have peace of mind knowing that the entire creation cycle of the garment up until it’s ready to hit the shelves was overseen with high standards. A GOTS label is the best way of knowing that what you are buying is an authentic organic garment. 

If you’re looking for organic baby clothes that are affordable, trendy, and are GOTS certified, Bebenca Organics may be the right fit for you and your baby. Our baby products are safe for babies’ skin, contain no harmful dyes, and are shipped in eco-friendly packaging. Shop our products here





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