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Top 5 Baby Trends for 2022

2020 and 2021 was an unprecedented year that nobody could have predicted. From stay-at-home orders to transitioning to working from home, the COVID-19 pandemic completely shifted our way of life in every aspect. Some mothers even had to give birth alone without a partner due to health regulations. When it comes to the fashion industry, it is no surprise that many projected trends for 2022 relate back to what we experienced the previous years. From whimsical prints encouraging children to get outside to a focus on shopping small, these are Bébénca Organics' top 5 baby trend predictions for 2022. 

Colors Of The Year:

Fashion forecasting agencies have predicted that tinted neutrals and a minimalist color palette will be popular in the spring and summer seasons. As people become more aware of the environmental and health impacts of dyes, there will be a rise in undyed and naturally dyed fibres as opposed to traditionally dyed pieces. 


Colour of the year


Top 5 Baby Trends For 2022

Our Nature's Hug Collection is made from unbleached and undyed organic cotton.  


In the fall and winter months, ornate jewel tones are predicted. We are looking forward to seeing deep blues, burnt oranges, and burgundies in the cooler seasons.  





Get Outside!


Get Outside


Juxtaposing the restrictions we faced in real life with stay at home orders, whimsical outdoor prints are projected to be a popular choice among consumers this year. WGSN included mushroom prints in their report this year, going as far as including Bébénca’s own mushroom print onesie in their trend forecast. From trees and flowers to animals and weather elements, we expect to see prints that showcase the natural beauty of our world. Muted, earthy tones will also be at the forefront of baby clothing this year, a nice shift from bright and loud colors. Hopefully these outdoor inspired prints will encourage children to get outside and become more connected to the world around us. 


Shop Small:


Small shop


Although 2020 was an extremely difficult year for small businesses, it was also an enlightening time for consumers. There was more of a push to “shop small” and support local businesses during these trying times as opposed to buying products from large corporations or fast fashion companies. Many people opted to buy handmade masks from small businesses or groceries from mom & pop shops. We are hopeful that these buying habits continue into 2021 and people continue to support small businesses wherever possible. 


A More Sustainable Lifestyle:


More Sustainable Lifestyle

Credit: Erin Wengrovius 


With scientific experts saying that we are living in the "Decade of Action," it is no surprise to see many embark on the transition to a greener lifestyle. Although it can be daunting, little changes can make a big difference when it comes to sustainability. Switching to beeswax wrap instead of plastic wrap, composting food instead of throwing it away, or biking instead of driving are a few easy swaps. 


For families, many parents have been making the switch to more sustainable products for their children. Using sustainably made rubber pacifiers, organic baby skincare products, and organic cloth diapers are a few ways parents can be more sustainable. 


When it comes to the fashion industry, buying less and buying more sustainable are becoming more popular. We also saw an increase in organic cotton production proving that demand for a safer textile was rising. Organic baby clothing was a popular choice among parents shopping for their little ones due to fabric benefits like being safe for babies’ skin as well as offering peace of mind at an affordable price. We are proud to provide baby clothes that are all GOTS Certified Organic while still being trendy and affordable.


Gender Neutral Clothing:


Gender Neutral Clothing


Gender neutral baby clothes have been growing in popularity so much that many retail giants have added unisex sections to their children’s clothing categories. Whether parents are fans of a more muted color palette or they want to buy gender neutral because they plan on having more kids and want to reuse the clothing or if they’re fans of a more muted color palette, we expect to see even more gender neutral clothing in 2021. Clean, minimalist clothing designs are also to be expected, as a shift to Scandinavian-inspired living has been present in baby clothing designs the past few years.



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Blog Image credit -Photo by Shirota Yuri on Unsplash

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