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What is Recycled Cotton?

Introducing Recycled Cotton: A Sustainable Solution for a Greener Future


It's necessary for baby apparel businesses to take into account their environmental impact in the modern world, where sustainability and eco-consciousness are becoming more and more important. Utilizing recycled cotton is one creative approach that is becoming more and more popular. With so many advantages over traditional cotton, this eco-friendly substitute is a great option for infant clothes. We'll explore recycled cotton's definition, method of production, and benefits for your child's wardrobe in this blog post.


Understanding Recycled Cotton:
As the name suggests, recycled cotton is cotton that has been reprocessed from old cotton clothing or textile waste. It entails preventing cotton clothing from going to landfills by turning it into a useful resource. By recycling cotton, we reduce the need for fresh cotton production, which has significant environmental impacts due to water consumption, chemical usage, and land cultivation.
The Recycling Process:

To turn used clothing into fresh, usable material, cotton recycling entails several crucial steps.


Here is a quick synopsis of the procedure:
Collection: Textile waste, such as used clothing or manufacturing scraps, is gathered from a variety of places, such as recycling programs, factories, or donation centers.

Sorting: After being meticulously collected, the materials are sorted into groups according to color, fiber content, and quality.
Shredding: To prepare the sorted textiles for the following step, the fibers are subsequently broken down into tiny pieces.

Cleaning: To get rid of impurities like dirt, color, and buttons, cotton fibers are carefully cleansed. By taking this step, the quality of the recycled cotton is guaranteed to remain high quality.

Blending: After being cleaned, recycled cotton fibers are mixed with some amount of fresh cotton or other environmentally friendly fibers, such as recycled polyester or organic cotton. The recycled cotton is strengthened and made more durable thanks to this mixture.



Spinning: The combined fibers are spun into yarn and are then ready to be employed in the creation of brand-new baby apparel.


Benefits of Recycled Cotton for Baby Clothing:

Environmental Sustainability: By using recycled cotton, baby clothes companies substantially cut down on the need for virgin cotton, conserving the water, energy, and resources needed for cotton cultivation. 80 pounds of clothing are thrown away annually by the average American. And every year, the absence of recycling and reuse results in a loss of more than USD 500 billion. Cotton recycling lessens the quantity of textile waste that will end up in landfills, reducing environmental pollution.
Comfort and softness: Cotton fibers that have been recycled retain their natural softness, making them gentle and comfortable against a baby's tender skin. As a result of the fabric's breathability, appropriate airflow is crucial for controlling body temperature.
Versatility and Durability: Recycled cotton can be used to create a wide range of baby clothing items, from onesies and rompers to blankets and hats. The blend of recycled cotton with other fibers enhances durability, ensuring garments can withstand the wear and tear of active little ones.
Ethical Sourcing: Choosing recycled cotton promotes ethical sourcing practices by reducing the dependence on conventional cotton production, which often involves exploitative labor practices. By supporting recycled cotton, baby clothing brands contribute to a more sustainable and socially responsible industry.



For baby apparel, recycled cotton is an excellent ecological substitute to regular cotton. It has many advantages for the environment and your baby's comfort by recycling textile waste and lowering the demand for virgin cotton. Recycled cotton is a great way to  dress a in child trendy and comfortable while lowering their environmental impact. 

As a responsible baby clothing brand, Bébénca Organics has added recycled cotton collection called DOWN TO EARTH as a step in the direction of a more ecologically conscious future for our kids.

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