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Why Is Organic Cotton Expensive?

If you’ve ever compared organic cotton and non-organic cotton, you have probably noticed the differences between the two. Conventional cotton (non-organic) is grown with GMO seeds and uses pesticides and insecticides. Besides high energy and water consumption, often toxic chemicals are also used in the processing and dyeing stages. On the other hand, thoroughly accredited organic cotton (GOTS) ensures a responsible process from seed to garment. Organic cotton often comes at a higher price tag. So, why do organic cotton products cost more than non-organic products? Here are the top 5 reasons:


Harvesting Costs:

- When growing organic cotton, weeds and insects still need to be taken care of without using harmful chemicals. Methods used by organic farmers are more expensive than using chemicals like conventional cotton farmers.

- More soil is required for organic cotton than conventional cotton

- Organic cotton is usually picked by hand not machines. This takes more time and more money. 


Manufacturing Costs:


Manufacturing Costs



- GOTS certified organic cotton uses non-toxic dyes or natural dyes that are more expensive than dyes used with conventional cotton.


- It is more expensive to clean organic cotton. 


Smaller Market / Demand:


- Although it is growing in popularity, organic cotton has a much smaller market than conventional content. This results in a more time-consuming and more expensive process. 


Paying Workers A Living Wage:



Paying Workers A Living Wage

Two workers who made Bébénca Organics clothing 


- With conventional cotton, many workers are underpaid to cut costs and keep the cost low.


- GOTS certified organic cotton ensures that all workers are compensated fairly throughout the entire process and have fair working conditions. 


Certification Costs:


- Testing for compliance and certification costs by GOTS is expensive.


- Certifications need to be renewed every year.



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The slightly higher cost of GOTS certified organic cotton boils down to the increased cost to produce the garments. According to Intracen, on average, GOTS certified organic cotton products are 20-30% more expensive than conventional cotton. If you prefer a product that is not only safe but also helps protect the environment and supports ethical garment production, buying organic cotton may be the right choice for you. 


All of Bébénca Organics products are made only from GOTS certified organic cotton with safe processes and dyes. Being certified organic, they are not as low cost as conventional baby clothing. However, we are proud to offer at much affordable price point. You can shop our products here



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