Bébénca Organics - Organic baby clothes
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Our Retailers and Stockists


Bébénca Organics offers wholesale buying for retail shops. Here are a few reviews.


I knew these were going to be adorable but the quality of the items far exceeded my expectations. I love the neutral, earthy colors and am looking forward to having them in my shop.”  Michaela. Concord, CA


“I set this with the matching pants and it sold within the first hour of hitting the sales floor!” Raeann. Rockford, MI


“Reshma is such a pleasure to work with! She shipped this so quickly and I loved that each item was individually wrapped in a compostable polymailer. She was super helpful in picking out these styles. The material is very soft and I can't wait to get these on the site!” Taylor. New York, NY


“Quality of the products is excellent. Good fabric and very well made. Customer service is outstanding. Delivery was very quick. Absolutely love the little heart on these garments. ❤️ ” Rosa. Cape Coral, FL


“Reshma is amazing to work with! She always keeps you updated and welcomes you into the family of Bebenca Organics. I love the products! They're excellent quality and the packaging is completely eco-friendly, which makes it a huge win-win for me and my customers. Definitely buy from Bebenca Organics, you're truly making a difference in small businesses, customers, and the planet when you do so!”  Ismery. Fresno, CA






We love seeing happy parents and babies pleased with our products. Here are a few highlights from customers.  


"Bébénca Organics is a small business and there are many reasons why I chose to support this business, one of them being because it is female-owned and owned by a person of color. There is a ton of thought put into each individual aspect of the brand right down to the packaging" - Satvir Kaur


"I love that the feet are not covered because that way she can not slip" - @danipoweryoga


"Everything in the Nature's Hug Collection is unbleached and undyed so it is clothing in its purest form." @audrey.in.wonderland 


"So soft and being organic is perfect for little ones sensitive skin" -@samantharollerco


"We love when new shipments come in with compostable packaging" - @thelittle_east